DSC_0555~2I am a thirty something stay at home Mom to three amazing kiddos and wife to my best friend of 18 years. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but always for myself. Therapeutic scribbles in a notebook, light bulb moments written in margins, sarcastic but loving letters to Hubby, encouragement for the kids, a Christmas letter in with our Christmas cards every year, etc. Basically, my only creative outlet besides the kids’ school projects and my newfound love of adult coloring books. All of which were things I’ve never shared before.

However, over the last few months, my scribbles in notebooks kept turning into scripts in my head and as the words swirled around and came together I often made sense of things that previously eluded me. While doing my first Bible study my light bulb moment was when I realized all of my pieces were part of a whole. They were my “faith journey”. And what I found the most interesting was that EVERY part of the journey, whether a valley or a victory, had somehow brought me closer to God.

So, after a great deal of prayer, (and more than a little anxiety about this next step in my journey)….Here it is!

I pray that you can relate to some of my journey. That it makes you smile sometimes, think about your own “first glimpse” of real faith, “the pursuit” of your own heart through all of your valleys and victories, and that it somehow blesses you, and glorifies Him. He is, after all, the author of my journey.

So, take a seat, fold some laundry with me, we’ll talk journeys, and if you can relate, or have any thoughts or scripture you’d like to share, I would love it if you would share, like, or comment and let me know!



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      1. Ha! I followed from my phone! LOL! You may want to look into that on your page (unless I just missed it somehow). 😉 Well, I need to get on the next thing on my to-do list for the day, but look forward to reading some of your stuff later! Blessings my sweet sister! ❤

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