A couple of years ago we entered into a valley the likes of which we’d never experienced before. As I struggled in this, refining fire, God gifted me with words. Words to try to make sense of our circumstances. Words that expanded and rushed around in my head until they came pouring out from fingers to keys. I found that these words helped organize scattered thoughts, make sense of tormented emotions and more often than not revealed God’s continued, faithful presence wherever I was in the valley.

Eventually, I became increasingly convinced that some of these words needed to be shared. That our journey in this valley just might be something other people might relate to or be encouraged by. As so often happens when we find ourselves in a valley, it can be hard to see the other side. Encouragement and hope become vital. Our valley consists of degenerative genetic disorders for two of our children. But everyone following Christ finds themselves in some sort of valley at some point. Every time I add a blog post I pray that in some small way, it might find someone in such a valley, and encourage them to find the only Hope that will carry them through. Jesus Christ.

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  1. Perhaps it’s because we were fortunate enough to be there or because we’ve been part of the journey but Hand in Hand touched me in a deeper more profound way that other posts. The commitment to Christ, each other and your family is personally touching in a way that I can’t find the words to describe.

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    • Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived it, but Hand in Hand is one of my favorites. It’s a broader glimpse of the whole. A snapshot of how He intended the pieces to fit. Often, along the way, it’s not nearly so beautiful! Also grateful He’s gifted us with your support and presence throughout this journey. Love you both!


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