The Fight of Faith

A blog post that really hit home for me. Beautifully descriptive and well written.

The Fight of Faith

Fight of Faith LogoThe sky has turned dark.  It has not always been this way, but now it is frightening.  Not long ago it was bright and sunny as was the disposition of my heart, but now the thunder crashes are similar to the war drums of an enemy telling me that I will never survive. When the skies were clear I always imagined that I had the strength to handle whatever would come my way, but now as I stand here I realize how weak I am compared to the power of this storm.

Somehow the darkness that has surrounded me has begun to make its way into my soul.  The doubts, confusions, and fears continue to whisper to me, and they seem to be penetrating deep within my heart. It even has a way of making the easiest tasks of the day seem burdensome. Deep inside me it has revealed the truth that I am no match…

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